Norton Masonry Ltd | Stone Cleaning & Restoration
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Stone Cleaning & Restoration

When looking at stone cleaning, it is important to remember that there are wide varieties of natural stone surfaces such as sandstone, limestone, granite, slate, marble and travertine.

Most of these surfaces are quite porous and will quickly attract the growth of moss, algae and lichen, resulting in surface deterioration.

At Norton Masonry, we are experts in the cleaning and restoration of all stone walls, patios and full buildings to their previous excellence.

We have the expertise and the best pressure cleaning equipment to effectively clean natural stone and restore the ‘just laid’ look that owners prefer and expect.

We would always recommend having a solvent free approach as this does not erode or damage the natural beauty of the stone used.

We sometimes seal the stone once the cleaning and restoration process has been completed, depending on the type of stone cleaned.

By sealing the stone, this can prevent elemental damage to the stone for an extended duration of time.

Some larger and older building require repairing. Norton Masonry can tackle tasks, from damaged walls to the full repairs of large buildings.